Thursday, December 30, 2004

It has finally happened...

Yes, indeed...finally after weeks of an empty blog, i'm posting something. Unfortunately, i've got nothing going on. I feel compelled to say that I shot a 729 set Wednesday night. Once again, I whipped Jim's lowly 651. It's amazing how I own that guy on Wednesday nights. He hasn't shot a higher set than me in at least a month. Next week, i'm not at least he'll have a chance.

So how sad is it, with all that's going on in the world, i'm talking about bowling. I blame my three years living in a trailer park, but I digress...

I have to say, i'm completely in awe over the Tsumani bit. The pictures, the videos, the stories are all fascinating. It's just a shame that something like this didn't happen to L.A. or New York. That would make me laugh my ass offense to those with family out there. The US has contributed something like $35 million to southeast Asia, and the Prez is getting shit for it (appropriately so). I'd love to see how the world would react if that happened to the US? Would anyone donate more than 50 bucks? Other than the Amurica's (yes, Amurica...just how Bushie pronounces it) slapbitch, England, would anyone have an outpouring of sympathy for the US? Somehow, Bushie would link a US bound Tsunami to Bin Laden...

I'd also like to point out that this Tsunami has provided a nice diversion from the usual stories on cable news. Now US troops can die in peace, not constantly publicized. The president is loving this natural disaster...for one week, he doesn't look like as big of a dick.

Now, i'm re-reading this and seeing it's a rant...i'm cutting it off here.


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