Tuesday, January 11, 2005

midnight cornrows and wheat germ...

After spending a weekend in Detroit, there are a few things i've learned...

ONE: You can get your hair braided, cornrowed (if that's a word), or a weave 24/7 in Detroit. I actually saw a commercial that advertised this service...who needs a weave at 3am? Hooker gets beat up, needs her hair fixed? Can't sleep cuz you're coked up, need your cornrows taken out? Boggles my mind that there is a market for that, but then again, I live in Norman, OK. Detroit culture is slightly different. Oh, and they guarantee that you will get your braids in under 4 hours...they will have two "stylists" working at once. Wonder if you can get blown too? Ah the big city...

TWO: Wheat germ...that shit will make you so regular...shitting is a pleasure. My girlfriend's dad makes wheat germ waffles...they are gooooood. But, I can say that the wheat germ was the only major diet change of the weekend. Nothing sweeter in life than an effortless dump.

THREE: Shoveling snow sucks.

Next week...Youngstown stories!!


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