Wednesday, March 30, 2005

feeding tubes are so trendy...

Yeah, i said it...everyone wants in on the act. Now, the Pope is being fed through a tube in his nose. Christ, pull that tube as well. The Pope is 127 years old, and clinging to life, even tho God is apparently trying to kill him. Religious zealots should be outraged by modern medicine, getting in the way of god's work! He tried to kill terri schiavo...medicine kept her alive. He's trying to kill the Pope, and somehow the Vatican keeps him kicking. Is it modern medicine? Or does god just suck at his job? Maybe god is getting old, skills are an older gangster.

NYU is restricting access to balconies of high rise dorms...too many students jumping. Maybe they'll be smart like me, find the keys to the roof to jump.


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