Thursday, March 31, 2005

you'd think the circus is over...

So it happened...Terri Schaivo has passed. If I have to listen to one more righteous fuck say, "why couldn't you give her some water to drink..." i'm going to explode. She can't fucking drink people...that's why she has a FEEDING TUBE. Terri isn't the reason for this post...

I'm going after hypocrites in general. For once, I got some information from the show Crossfire. I hate those fucks with a passion, but they did bring up an interesting story. Anyone every hear the name Wanda Hudson??? Of course not. Here's a mother who has a 5-month old child on a can get the details here.

The courts gave the hospital permission to pull the plug. THE COURTS...ARE YOU KIDDING ME? ALL LIFE IS PRECIOUS! If I had a dollar for every fucking pundit that said, "we should err on the side of life". I hate people, I hate the news...they've turned a woman in pain into a circus, while letting a child die.

Rot in hell, bastards.


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